Becoming a Member

In the future phases of operation, additional memberships will be considered when new or additional capacity gaps are identified. This will be particularly relevant if:

  • the WHO mandate changes;
  • Memberships alter; or
  • requests for technical assistance outweigh Network capacity.

Network members must meet the following membership criteria (A or B and C–F):

A. Be an active WHO collaborating centre or a WHO technical partner with an established history of cooperating with WHO on its programmes and activities.


B. Be able to show proof of capacity in one or more WHO strategic directions for the health sector's response to HIV/AIDS and/or potential to contribute to WHO strategic directions through one or more key functions.


C. Be able to contribute to a regional forum for early review and input to policies, strategies, guidelines, tools and scientific publications.
D. Be actively involved in developing and delivering a Network strategic plan.
E. Already have institutional capacity and be financially sustainable.
F. Have no conflict of interest.

As part of human resources planning, the Network has defined a process for new memberships, developed a formal membership application package and established a Membership Working Group to assess applications.

The application package consists of:

1. Covering Letter: Completed based upon a standardized template and summarizes the application.
2. Membership Criteria: Completed based upon a standardized template and details clearly how an institution meets each of the defined criteria for membership.
3. Membership Form: Completed based upon a standardized template and details the expertise of an institution.
4. Declaration of Commitment: Completed based upon a standardized template and requires an institution to sign a series of commitment statements.

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