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1.  Consultation on the Strengthening of the World Health Organization Network for HIV and Health in the Western Pacific Region, Manila, Philippines, 24-26 November 2009
A three-day consultation to identify future steps and strategies for the advancement of the proposed Regional HIV and Health network.
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2. Meeting of WHO Collaborating Centres on Reproductive Health and Making Pregnancy Safer in the Western Pacific Region, Shanghai, China, 18-20 November 2009
The meeting introduced the newly developed Regional Reproductive Health Strategy and Implementation Guide to CCs and reviewed their current roles and responsibilities for reproductive health. The meeting discussed the practical ways to enhance CCs contribution to WHO strategic objectives in this area. Discussions were also initiated to establish a network of CCs and other institutions working on reproductive health. Heads of 18 CCs participated in this consultation.
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3. Meeting of heads of CC located in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, August 2010
The meeting involved heads of the six WHO CC located in Malaysia, Ministry of Health, and WHO country office. The meeting concluded more stronger links of WHO CC with WHO country office and Ministry of Health. It also suggested regular update of WHO website to reflect submission of annual progress report and workplans by CC. All the participants considered the meeting very useful and recommended annual organization of this meeting. Last such meeting was held in 2006. Next meeting is planned in August 2011.

4. Consultation on the Development of a Regional Network of WHO Collaborating Centres and Technical Partners on HIV/AIDS in the Western Pacific Region, Manila, Philippines, 3-4 December 2008
This two-day consultation involving WHO CC and other technical partners in the areas of HIV/AIDS sough to discuss and agree on the principles, purpose and structure, and procedures for the proposed regional network on HIV and Health.
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