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The Global WHO collaborating centre database:

This is the official source of information about the WHO collaborating centres worldwide. The database is very user-friendly and is searchable by country/WHO region and/or topic and includes information on the current status of CC and on responsible/contact person in WHO for that particular CC. One can extract and print the list of all the designated WHO CC by WHO Region or by country (e.g. for Western Pacific Region or South-East Asia or by a particular area of interest (e.g. in nursing, or environmental health, etc). It also includes links to the official website of the collaborating centre.

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Database of WHO CC in Western Pacific Region by area of work, as of 1 May 2011

Bioethics (1)
Blood safety (2)
Cancer (3)
Cardiovascular diseases (4)
Child health (2)
Dengue (5)
Diabetes (3)
Disabilities and rehabilitation (9)
Environmental health and hazards (9)
Food safety (5)
Genetics and hereditary diseases (1)
Health information (4)
Health promotion (including ageing) (6)
Health research (2)
Health systems development (8)
Health laboratory services (4)
HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections  (5)
Human resources for health (1)
Immunization (6)
Influenza (3)
Injuries and violence prevention (6)
Leptospirosis (1)
Library services and publishing (1)
Lymphatic filariasis (4)
Malaria (4)
Maternal and new born care (3)
Mental health and neurosciences (13)
Noncommunicable disease (2)
Nursing and midwifery (8)
Nutrition (2)
Occupational health (10)
Oral health (3)
Pharmaceuticals; essential drugs and medicines (6)
Prevention of blindness (2)
Prevention of deafness (3)
Reproductive health and making pregnancy safer (7)
Schistosomiasis (2)
Substance abuse, including alcohol and drugs (6)
Tobacco (4)
Traditional medicine (15)
Tuberculosis (5)
Water, sanitation and hygiene (1)
Zoonoses (2)

List of WHO CC by country of location in Western Pacific Region

Australia (44)
China (62)
Japan (32)
Republic of Korea (12)
Malaysia (6)
New Zealand (4)
Philippines (4)
Singapore (11)
Viet Nam (2)

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Key Statistics

    • Over 800 CC globally in over 80 member states
    • A total of 177 CC in the Western Pacific Region located in 9 Member States
    • More than one-third of CC in WPR are in China
    • Tradional medicine (15) followed by Mental health (13) and Occupational health (10) have the highest number of CCs