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Regional Strategy
To Stop Tuberculosis
in the Western Pacific


Tracking progress against our Strategy

During the time that the Regional Strategy was being finalized, the section on Targets, Expected Results and Indicators was heavily discussed with countries. Since the purpose of the Strategy is to provide guidance to countries in the development of their own National Strategic Plans and TB control policies, it was of utmost importance that countries agree to the contents of this section – our ability to achieve these goals is directly linked with work done at the national level.

When implementing a long-term strategy, such as this one, it is also important to revisit the targets and goals to ensure that activities and output remain linked to the original plan. This page will be updated annually to show progress against the 5 Regional Strategy Objectives. Definitions and details can be found by downloading the document.

Overall Goal: To reduce TB prevalence and mortality by half by 2015, relative to 2000 level, in all countries with a high burden of TB by moving towards universal access to diagnosis and treatment of all forms of TB, including smear-negative and M/XDR-TB.