Information on Hong Kong, China

Local transport

Hong Kong, China, is a compact city with one of the world’s most efficient, safe and affordable public transport systems. Commuters never need to wait long for a taxi, the Mass Transit Railway (MTR), bus, minibus, ferry or tram. However, like all commercial cities with a high volume of trade and business activity, road traffic is often busy in central areas. It is wise to travel by MTR during peak hours for better time management and to avoid busy road traffic, or to travel by foot if your destination is within walking distance. More information on different types of local public transport can be obtained from the Hong Kong Tourism Board website at:

There is an electronic stored-value card, called an “Octopus Card”, that is accepted by almost all forms of public transport. Visitors can add money to the card whenever needed, and any unspent value in the “on-loan” type of card is refundable along with the HK$ 50 deposit (minus HK$ 7 handling fee for cards returned within three months). Visitors may also opt for a non-returnable card.

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