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Telephone and facsimile

The country code for New Zealand is 64 and the area code for Auckland is 9.

New Zealand has an excellent telecommunications network. Both local and international calls can easily be made either through direct dialling or via the international operator. To make an international call, dial 00 plus the country code and area code followed by the local number.

Public telephone booths, referred to as "phone boxes", are plentiful. They are silver with yellow, blue or green signs, according to how they operate. For example, yellow phone boxes accept credit cards; blue boxes take traditional coins; and green boxes accept phone cards. Phone cards may be purchased in denominations of NZ$ 5, NZ$ 10, NZ$ 20 or NZ$ 50. Phone cards may be purchased at local convenience stores, gas stations or bookstores. A local phone call costs NZ$ 0.20 per minute.

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