Session information

Health regulations

No vaccinations are required to enter New Zealand.


WHO has a policy of no smoking for all WHO meetings and associated functions.

Smoking in all hospitality venues, including bars, restaurants, cafes and casinos, is prohibited in New Zealand. If you wish to smoke, there are designated areas outside for smoking.

Medical services

New Zealand's public and private medical and hospital facilities provide a high standard of treatment and service. When travelling to New Zealand for a short period, comprehensive medical and travel insurance is strongly recommended for those not eligible for publicly subsidized personal health and disability services. New Zealand has reciprocal agreements with Australia and the United Kingdom only, and these cover nationals of those countries for "immediately necessary medical treatment" and "urgent medical treatment" as specified in the New Zealand/United Kingdom Reciprocal Health Agreement.

Limited medical coverage will be provided on-site during the session.

Visitors carrying prescription medicines or controlled drugs should:
(1) have a prescription from their physician advising that the medicine is being used under a doctor's direction and is necessary for their physical well-being,
(2) carry the drugs in their original containers and
(3) have sufficient quantity not exceeding a three month supply for prescription medicine or one month supply for controlled drugs.

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