WPR/RC57/1 Rev.3 Agenda
WPR/RC57/2 Regional Director's Report
WPR/RC57/3 Programme Budget 2004–2005: budget performance (final report)
WPR/RC57/4 Proposed Medium-term Strategic Plan 2008–2013 and Proposed Programme Budget 2008–2009
WPR/RC57/5  Asia Pacific Strategy for Emerging Diseases, including International Health Regulations (2005) and avian influenza
WPR/RC57/6 Noncommunicable disease prevention and control
WPR/RC57/7 Regional Strategy to Reduce Alcohol-related Harm
WPR/RC57/8 Prevention and control of tuberculosis, including the Strategic Plan to Stop TB in the Western Pacific 2006–2010
WPR/RC57/9  Regional Strategy on Human Resources for Health 2006–2015
WPR/RC57/10 Prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, towards Universal Access
WPR/RC57/11 Programme updates: Measles elimination, hepatitis B control and poliomyelitis eradication; Tobacco control; Mental health, including patient-centred approach; Environmental health
WPR/RC57/12  Coordination of the work of the World Health Assembly, the Executive Board and the Regional Committee
WPR/RC57/13 Ministerial round table: Translation of Research into Policy and Health Care Practice
WPR/RC57/14 Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction: Membership of the Policy and Coordination Committee
WPR/RC57/15 Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases: Membership of the Joint Coordinating Board
WPR/RC57/16  Proposal for Supplementary Agenda
WPR/RC57/17 Consideration of amendment to the Rules of Procedure of the Regional Committee

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