Proposed Programme Budget: 2006-2007

         The Regional Committee,

         Having examined the Proposed Programme Budget 2006-2007 for the Western Pacific Region to be financed from the regular budget and other sources of funds1

         Welcoming the presentation of the proposed programme budget according to the principles of results-based budgeting with the inclusion of expected results and measurable indicators to address the goals, objectives and strategies of regional areas of work, countries and areas;

         Appreciating that the increased allocation of regular budgetary resources in the proposed programme budget 2006-2007 allocated to the Western Pacific Region better reflects the health needs within the Region;

         Appreciating further that the increased level of estimated extrabudgetary resources in the proposed programme budget takes into account projected global extrabudgetary resources, but also noting the difficulty in estimating such projected resources;

         Welcoming the Director-General's commitment to allocate a greater share of resources to regional and country levels,

  1. THANKS the Regional Director for his comprehensive presentation of the programme budget and for taking into account the views and concerns expressed by the Regional Committee during its review of the proposed regional strategic programme budget at its fifty-fifth session;
  2. 2. APPRECIATES his commitment to continuous improvement of the presentation of the Proposed Programme Budget, taking into account the views expressed by the Regional Committee;
  3. 3. URGES Member States to work with WHO to make every effort to implement the programme budget;
  4. 4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to ensure that the Regional Committee's views and concerns, as noted in the summary records, are fully taken into account in the implementation of the programme budget for 2006-2007.

1Documents WPR/RC56/5 and WPR/RC56/5 Corr.1.

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