Report of the Regional Director

         The Regional Committee,

         Having reviewed the report of the Regional Director entitled The Work of WHO in the Western Pacific: 1 July 2004–30 June 2005;1

         Appreciating the information provided and the high quality of the report;

         Acknowledging the serious threat posed by avian influenza A(H5N1) to countries and areas, the Region and globally and the efforts made by Member States and the Regional Office for the Western Pacific to control the outbreak and prepare for a potential pandemic;

         Noting the continuing biregional collaboration between the Regional Office for the Western Pacific and the Regional Office for South-East Asia on the full range of WHO programmes, including avian influenza,

  1. NOTES with satisfaction the new format of the report;
  2. EXPRESSES its appreciation to the Regional Director and his staff and congratulates them on the work accomplished in collaboration with Member States and partners;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director to continue efforts to enhance biregional collaboration with the Regional Office for South-East Asia, particularly in the areas of emerging infectious diseases, such as avian influenza, and pandemic preparedness.

1 WPR/RC56/2

21 September 2005

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