Tobacco Control

         The Regional Committee,

         Reaffirming resolutions WHA56.1 and WPR/RC54.R8 and recalling resolution WPR/RC50.R6;

         Having considered the report on tobacco control*;

         Acknowledging that tobacco use is a major risk to the health of both smokers and non smokers;

         Noting with concern the large and increasing burden of disease and preventable death caused by tobacco in the Region;

         Appreciating the complex and transnational nature of the tobacco epidemic, and the need for governments to address the health, economic, political and sociocultural impacts of tobacco use;

         Acknowledging that multisectoral and multinational cooperation, and the involvement of nongovernmental organizations and other members of civil society, are crucial to effective tobacco control;

         Noting with satisfaction that all Member States from the Region have signed the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (the Convention);

         Recognizing that many Member States are making progress towards ratification and implementation of the Convention;

  1. ENDORSES the regional action plan for the Tobacco Free Initiative, 2005-2009 (the action plan), taking into account the views of Member States as expressed in the summary record;
  2. URGES Member States:
    (1) to ratify, accept or approve the Convention, at the earliest opportunity, if they have not already done so;
    (2) to implement tobacco control measures beyond those required by the Convention and its protocols, consistent with Article 2 of the Convention;
    (3) to use the Convention and the action plan to guide national tobacco control policies and programmes, and to reflect the provisions of the Convention fully in national policies and legislation;
    (4) to address the impact of tobacco on poverty and inequity;
    (5) to continue strengthening tobacco control leadership, infrastructure and resources, with a view to achieving sustainability;
    (6) to integrate tobacco control with other health programmes, such as those concerned with noncommunicable diseases, tuberculosis and sustainable development;
    (7) to develop sustainable, multisectoral partnerships to achieve the goals of the Convention;
    (8) to provide training and resources for tobacco control activities;
    (9) to report to WHO at regular intervals on progress made in their national efforts to control tobacco use;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to support Member States to become Parties to the Convention and implement its provisions;
    (2) to support Member States to implement the action plan;
    (3) to report to the Regional Committee at regular intervals on progress made in implementing the action plan.


17 September 2004

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