Proposed Programme Budget 2006-2007 and the Eleventh General Programme of Work

         The Regional Committee,

         Having examined the proposed programme budget 2006-2007 and the proposed regional strategic programme budget 2006-2007 to be financed from the regular budget and other sources of funds;*

         Welcoming the presentation of the proposed programme budget according to the principles of results-based budgeting, and the inclusion of Organization-wide expected results and measurable indicators to address goals, objectives and strategies;

         Noting that the Fifty-seventh World Health Assembly in May 2004 requested the Director-General, in consultation with Member States and regions, to develop guiding principles based on objective criteria for the allocation of funds from all sources;

         Concerned, however, that the regular budget allocation to the Region has declined over the last three bienniums as a consequence of the implementation of resolution WHA51.31, despite increasing health needs;

         Welcoming the Director-General's commitment to allocate a greater share of resources to regional and country levels;

         Appreciating that the proposed increased allocation to the Western Pacific of all sources of funds in the proposed programme budget better reflects the health needs of the Region;

  1. THANKS the Regional Director:
    (1) for his comprehensive presentation of the proposed programme budget;
    (2) for his commitment to continuous improvement of the presentation of the proposed programme budget;
  2. REQUESTS members of the Executive Board from the Region:
    to convey to the Executive Board, and through the Executive Board to the World Health Assembly, the view of the Regional Committee that, in order to reverse the negative impact of previous budget reductions on implementation of WHO's priority programmes and core presence in countries, the Regional Committee strongly supports the decision of the World Health Assembly that future budget allocations should take into account the principles of equity, efficiency and performance;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to convey to the Director-General the comments of the Regional Committee on the proposed programme budget, so that these can be taken into consideration when the programme budget is finalized and implemented;
    (2) to present to the Regional Committee at its fifty-sixth session a proposal for the regional strategic programme budget 2006-2007 prepared according to the principles of results-based budgeting, including a clear focus on outcomes, taking into account the further discussions at the 115th session of the Executive Board and the Fifty-eighth World Health Assembly in 2005;
    (3) to work with the Director-General and other Regional Directors to better define the roles and functions of the three levels of the Organization, with a view to enhancing programme planning and management and improving efficiency.

* WPR/RC55/4

15 September 2004

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