Report of the Regional Director

         The Regional Committee,

         Recalling resolution WPR/RC54.R2 on the report of the Regional Director;

         Having considered the report of the Regional Director entitled The Work of WHO in the Western Pacific Region: 1 July 2003 – 30 June 2004;

         Appreciating the information provided and the high quality of the report;

         Acknowledging the efforts made by the Secretariat to incorporate requests made by the Regional Committee at previous sessions;

         Noting the Regional Director's comments on his consultations with ministers of health concerning his report;

         Appreciating that the value of the report would be greatly enhanced if its geographical scope were expanded to cover both the South-East Asia and Western Pacific Regions of WHO;

         Noting, however, that the particular circumstances of small island countries need to be an explicit element of a biregional report;

         Acknowledging that, as part of efforts to reposition health at the heart of the development process, the report should aim to provide more in-depth analysis and to become a reference work of value to a wider audience, including policy-makers, development partners, and members of academia and the media;

         Further acknowledging that, while due recognition has been given to the great contribution made by the biomedical approach to health, insufficient attention has been paid to the psychosocial factors affecting health outcomes;

  1. THANKS the Regional Director for his report;
  2. URGES Member States:
    to cooperate with WHO in the production of a health situation report;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to work with Member States, the WHO South-East Asia Regional Office and relevant experts to produce a health situation report covering Asia and the Pacific, paying due attention to the special circumstances of small island countries and to streamline data requirements to ensure efficient collection and analysis in preparation of the report;
    (2) to produce, in collaboration with Member States and the WHO South-East Asia Regional Office, a draft policy framework reflecting the significance of psychosocial factors affecting health outcomes;
    (3) to present the health situation report and the draft policy framework to the Regional Committee at the appropriate time.

15 September 2004

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