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4. Travel and transportation arrangements

The Government of Brunei Darussalam has made special arrangements with Royal Brunei Airlines for special fares from the following points.

RouteBusiness (C ) Class
Economy (Y) Class
Bangkok/Bandar Seri294.28218.85

Brisbane/Bandar Seri1 089.71401.14

Manila/Bandar Seri537.14348.00

Hong Kong/Bandar Seri716.57438.85
Begawan/Hong Kong

Singapore/Bandar Seri333.71

Kuala Lumpur/Bandar Seri339.43286.28
Begawan/Kuala Lumpur

Frankfurt/Bandar Seri1 074.28507.43

London/Bandar Seri1 917.71741.14

Representatives and nongovernmental organizations who wish to take advantage of these special rates should submit their names and proposed dates of travel to the Administrative Services Officer of the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office at least two weeks before departure.

Transport from the airport to the hotel shall be provided by the host government.

In the event that representatives are not able to give advance notice to WHO of their expected time of arrival and are therefore not met at the airport, hotel shuttles are available. A taxi can be taken from the airport to The Empire Hotel and Country Club. Travel time from the airport to the hotel is about 20 minutes and will cost about B$20-B$30.

The Brunei airport departure tax is approximately B$5.00 or about US$3.00 for flights to Malaysia and Singapore and B$12.00 or US$7.00 for all other destinations. Payment of departure tax must be made in local currency.

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