Regional Director's Report

The work of WHO in the Western Pacific Region

1 July 2000 - 30 June 2001

This report covers some encouraging developments in WHO's priority areas in the Western Pacific Region. In China, for example, recent prevalence survey data indicate that there was a significant fall in tuberculosis prevalence during the 1990s. In Cambodia, a steady decline in HIV prevalence since 1997 has been noted, another very encouraging trend.

However, these positive trends must be set against some of the challenges facing the Region. For example, the increasing problem of antimicrobial resistance is covered in some detail and the report devotes more space than in previous years to mental health.

As in last year's report, WHO's work during the last 12 months is reported under the four themes and 17 focuses that guide the Organization's work in the Region. For each focus, an analytical framework is employed that identifies the major issues, WHO's response, results, analysis and WHO's plans for the future.

Further information on the work of WHO in the Western Pacific Region can be found at the following website:

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