Session information

3.2 Health regulations

Yellow fever vaccination is needed for visitors arriving from infected areas, except children under one year of age, who may be subject to isolation if this is determined to be necessary.

3.3 Customs

Visitors may bring in the following items free of duty: 2 bottles of alcoholic beverages and a small quantity of perfume for personal use.

3.4 Climate and clothing

The climate is tropical with temperatures ranging from 21°C to 38°C (70°F - 100°F). The rainy season extends from mid-May to mid-November, when it is advisable to have a light raincoat or umbrella. Even during the rainy season, however, there are dry spells. The humidity is high (65% - 90%) all year round.

Light clothing is recommended. Offices, hotels and shops are fully air-conditioned and visitors may sometimes feel the need for a light jacket or equivalent. However, for representatives, attending the session, a business suit or equivalent attire is recommended.

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