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2.3 Hotel accommodation

In response to requests, WHO will reserve rooms for visitors at good hotels close to the Regional Office.

From the Regional Office, the Holiday Inn Manila Pavilion is 3 minutes' walk, the Manila Hotel is about 20 minutes' walk or 5-10 minutes by car depending on the traffic situation, Bayview Park Hotel is 10 minutes walk or 5 minutes by car, The Westin Philippine Plaza and Manila Diamond Hotel are about 20 minutes by car from the Regional Office.

Transfers will be provided by the hotels, except for the Holiday Inn which is within walking distance of the Regional Office.

WHO staff and visitors are normally given special rates at these hotels, reflected in the form supplied.

Please note that as some hotels use an exchange rate that is disadvantageous to the traveller if payment is made in local currency, it is recommended that payments be made in US$ traveller's cheques or another hard currency.

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