Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases

         The Regional Committee,

         Recognizing the public health and economic burdens in the Region due to noncommunicable diseases (NCD), especially cancer, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and diabetes;

         Noting that CVD, cancer, and diabetes have common risk factors that are lifestyle-related and determined by political, economic, social, cultural and physical environments;

         Further noting that the Western Pacific Declaration on Diabetes establishes a regional strategic alliance with major partners in diabetes control;

         Acknowledging WHO's leadership role in promoting and supporting regional and country strategies on NCD prevention and control;

  1. ENDORSES the Western Pacific Declaration on Diabetes;
  2. URGES Member States:
    (1) to adopt multisectoral public policies and legislation particularly in the areas of tobacco control, food and agriculture, trade, and promotion of physical activity;
    (2) to establish multisectoral coordinating mechanisms to advocate regional, national and local commitment and action;
    (3) to place NCD high on the national public health agenda, and to mobilize support at regional, national and local levels;
    (4) to develop national strategies for community-based, integrated NCD prevention and control programmes, including the following:
    (a) establishment or strengthening of national focal points and coordinating mechanisms;
    (b) incorporation of NCD programmes into primary health care and other public health initiatives, such as healthy settings activities;
    (c) establishments or expansion of demonstration projects and distribution of best practice models, particularly for prevention and control of hypertension and diabetes;
    (d) strengthening NCD data management and information systems, including national registries where applicable, and information network on risk, diseases, and environmental determinants;
    (5) to develop national capacity for NCD prevention and control, by taking the following actions;
    (a) sustaining investment in the execution of a national NCD prevention and control strategy;
    (b) reorienting the role of primary health care workers to reflect recent advances in NCD prevention and control strategies, through adequate training and quality assurance;
    (6) to participate in the development and implementation of the regional plan of action for 2000-20005 for Western Pacific Declaration on Diabetes;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to give high priority to prevention and control of NCD and to provide leadership in advocacy against NCD in partnership with key decision-makers and relevant agencies in the Region;
    (2) to support Member States to build capacity for NCD prevention and control;
    (3) to develop simple standard tools and protocols for NCD surveillance, supported by regional and national networks;
    (4) to support establishment and expansion of demonstration projects, and the development of national NCD programmes;
    (5) to promote and support research in priority areas related to NCD prevention and control, including behavioural and economic studies;
    (6) to support countries to develop and implement plan of action for 2000-2005 for the Western Pacific Declaration on Diabetes.

    22 September 2000

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