Proposed Programme Budget: 2002-2003

         The Regional Committee,

         Having examined Part 1 and Part 2 of the Proposed Programme Budget 2002-2003 to be financed from the regular budget and other sources of funds; *

         Noting the negative impact on collaborative programmes of the reduced regular budget allocation to the Region resulting from the adoption of resolution WHA51.31;

         Noting with appreciation the new format of the presentation of the Proposed Programme Budget, in particular the presentation of the budget for the Organization as a whole, the inclusion of expected results and measurable indicators, the clear and transparent explanation of the indicative planning figures for each country, and the opportunity to conduct detailed planning nearer the time of implementation;

         Noting also the need to continue to review and monitor the impact of resolution WPR/RC50.R1 on country programmes;

  1. THANKS the Regional Director for his comprehensive presentation on the current method of developing the programme budget, as well as the process used for determining country allocations;
  2. URGES Member States to develop country plans that address the issues and challenges identified in Part 2 and contribute to the attainment of the Organization's global objectives and goals as contained in Part 1;
  3. REQUEST the Regional Director:
    (1) to transmit to the Director-General the views and concerns of the Regional Committee on the global proposed programme budget;
    (2) to ensure that the Regional Committee's views and concerns, in addition to those of the respective Member States, are fully taken into account in the preparation of the detailed country programmes;
    (3) to present to the Regional Committee at its fifty-second session a proposal for the implementation of the programme budget, including regional, intercountry and country programmes, and expected results and indicators, taking into account the further discussions at the Executive Board and World Health Assembly in 2001;
    (4) to continue to review and monitor the impact of resolution WPR/RC50.R1 on country programmes;

* WPR/RC51/4

20 September 2000

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