Method of Work of the Regional Committee

         The Regional Committee,

         Noting the Regional Director's objective, expressed WHO in the Western Pacific Region: a framework for action,* to make sessions of the Regional Committee more outcome-oriented and less formal;

         Recalling resolution WPR/RC48.R6, which requested the Regional Director to continue to hold technical briefings in conjunction with the Regional Committee;

         Noting that ministerial round tables can contribute to achieving the Regional Director's goal of making sessions of the Regional Committee more participatory;

         Noting further that the lasting value of ministerial round tables would be enhanced if they became a part of sessions of the Regional Committee;

         Recognizing that the ministerial round table at the fiftieth session of the Regional Committee provided many valuable insights for both Member States and WHO;

  1. CONGRATULATES the Regional Director on the arrangements at the ministerial round table;
    (1) to make ministerial round tables a regular agenda item at sessions of the Regional Committee;
    (2) to discontinue technical briefings with effect from the fifty-first session of the Regional Committee;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Committee:
    (1) to make further reforms to the method of work of the Regional Committee to make the meetings less formal and more interactive and to establish a working group to make recommendations in this regard;
    (2) to circulate the findings of this working group to Members of the Regional Committee before its fifty-first session;
    (3) to arrange ministerial round tables on topics of contemporary relevance as a part of future sessions of the Regional Committee;
  4. AUTHORIZES the Regional Director to implement the recommendations of the working group at the fifty-first session of the Regional Committee, bearing in mind comments received from Members prior to the session.

17 September 1999

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