Proposed Programme Budget 2002-2003: Country Allocations

         The Regional Committee,

         Recalling resolution WHA51.31 which recommended that regular budget allocations to regions should, for the most part, be guided by a model based upon an index;

         Recognizing that the model recommended by resolution WHA51.31 to determine regional allocations appears to provide a reasonable basis for determining country planning figures within the Western Pacific Region;

         Noting, however, the difficulties in applying the model in a mechanical manner;

         Recognizing the need for a global approach to the way WHO determines budget allocations to countries, which takes into account regional differences in the health needs of individual countries;

  1. THANKS the Regional Director for his comprehensive report on the current method and process for determining country allocations and alternative ways of determining such allocations, including the possibility of using an index, which would allow the determination of individual country planning figures to be more objective;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director to use the following guiding principles when deciding the country allocations in the programme budget for 2002-2003 and beyond:

    60% of the country planning figure should be determined in accordance with the model recommended by resolution WHA51.31, with allocation of the remaining 40% to be determined by the Regional Director, in the course of preparing the proposed budget, taking into account the following considerations:
    (1) The difference between the allocation for 2000-2001 and the new allocation should be adjusted over three bienniums;
    (2) An adjustment should be made to ensure that least developed countries should not receive a lower allocation in 2002-2003 than they did in 2002-2001;
    (3) The possibility of a minimum allocation should be considered for countries and areas which would have received zero allocation if the model recommended by resolution WHA51.31 were applied;
    (4) The specific health needs of individual countries should be taken into account;
  3. FURTHER REQUESTS the Regional Director to forward this resolution to the Director-General as representing Regional Committee for the Western Pacific's preferred method of determining country allocations in future programme budgets.

15 September 1999

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