Regional Director's Report

The work of WHO in the Western Pacific Region

1 July 1998 - 30 June 1999

This report covers a period of transition in the Western Pacific Rgeion of the World Health Organization. Since the appointment of a new Regional Director on 1 February 1999, WHO has been engaged in a wide-ranging process of reform in the Region. The report both reflects and is a part of that process.

The report analytical content has been improved and the Organization's priorities in the Region are now shown more clearly. Each major section has been arranged under five headings: Issues, WHO response, Results, Analysis and Future. This clarifies what the problems are, what WHO is doing about them, the degree of success (or failure) and the Organization's plans for the future.

This year's report also contains more tables, graphs and photographs and a new statistical annex. These additions are intended to enhance the publication's reference value. Changes have also been made to the cover and page layout to make the report more attractive and readable.

List of abbreviations


Table of contents

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