WPR/RC50/1 Rev.1 Adoption of the agenda
WPR/RC50/2 "Getting the Job Done Together", Address by the Regional Director
WPR/RC50/3 Report of the Regional Director
WPR/RC50/4 Programme budget 1998-1999: budget performance (interim report)
WPR/RC50/5 Proposed programme budget 2002-2003: country allocations
WPR/RC50/6 Eradication of poliomyelitis in the Region: progress report
WPR/RC50/7 Annual report on sexually transmitted infections, HIV infection and AIDS
WPR/RC50/8 Tuberculosis prevention and control
WPR/RC50/9 Hepatitis and related diseases
WPR/RC50/10 Technical briefings and round table discussions
WPR/RC50/11 Action Plan on Tobacco or Health
WPR/RC50/12 Development of health research
WPR/RC50/13 Infant and young child nutrition and implementation of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes
WPR/RC50/14 Strategic plan for development of health information systems in the Region
WPR/RC50/15 Working relations with nongovernmental organizations
WPR/RC50/16 Regional implications of resolutions and decisions of the 52nd World Health Assembly and the WHO Executive Board at its 103rd and 104th sessions
WPR/RC50/17 Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction: Membership of the Policy and Coordination Committee
WPR/RC50/18 Essential Drugs and Other Medicines: Membership of the Management Advisory Committee
WPR/RC50/19 Sub-Committee of the Regional Committee on Programmes and Technical Cooperation: Report on criteria for candidates and selection methods and procedures for nomination of the Regional Director


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