WHO Fellowships

         The Regional Committee,

         Recalling resolutions WPR/RC13.R2, WPR/RC21.R6, WPR/RC22.R11, WPR/RC28.R16, WPR/RC30.R17WPR/RC32.R13 and WPR/RC40.R9 on fellowships;

         Having considered the report of the Regional Director on WHO fellowship* and the information document Rapid Follow-up Study on WHO Fellowships and Study Tours, Western Pacific Region;**

         Acknowledging the progress made in addressing the issues raised in the Rapid Follow-up Studies and evaluations;

         Further noting that evaluation is hindered by the fact that some candidates do not provide clear statements of measurable objectives and that the termination of studies report (Form WHO 635) does not provide sufficient measurable data;

         Noting with concern the strain on WHO's resources caused by increasing tuition fees and the imposition of fees by some countries for hosting or arranging programmes;

  1. CONGRATULATES the Regional Director on the efforts made to improve the administration, monitoring and evaluation of the fellowship programme;
  2. THANKS the receiving countries within and outside the Western Pacific Region for their valuable collaboration;
  3. REQUESTS Member States:
    (1) to ensure that accurately completed application forms are submitted on time;
    (2) to also ensure that fellows and study tour participants are sent on programmes which yield real and measurable benefits to services;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to continue with the Rapid Follow-up Studies, expanded to include hosts institutions and countries, and to include qualitative issues in the Studies;
    (2) to carry out an impact study of the fellowship programme;
    (3) to review the fellowship and study tour termination of studies report form and utilization report form;
    (4) to consider ways to further improve administrative processes for the fellowship programme, including the use of updated computer technology;
    (5) to pursue research into alternative and more cost-effective means of training human resources in health, utilizing new technology where possible;
    (6) to work with Member States to improve compliance with all the requirements for reporting and service contained in the fellowship application form.

* WPR/RC49/15
** WPR/RC49/INF.DOC./2

18 September 1998

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