Forty-eighth session


Technical Briefings

The Regional Committee,

         Recalling resolution WPR/RC46.R11, which requested the Regional Director to arrange technical briefings at the forty-seventh and forty-eighth sessions of the Regional Committee;

         Noting the value of an extensive and in-depth technical briefing by the host country;

  1. DECIDES to continue to hold technical briefings on appropriate issues in conjunction with the Regional Committee;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to continue to arrange technical briefings on appropriate subjects in close coordination with the host countries for future sessions of the Regional Committee held outside the Regional Office;
    (2) to arrange technical briefings on selected topics agreed by the Regional Committee when sessions of the Regional committee are held in the Regional Office;
    (3) to explore the possibility of holding the technical briefings in such a way as to shorten the Regional Committee by half a day;
  3. DECIDES that the subject of the technical briefings in association with the forty-ninth session of the Regional Committee in 1998 shall be traditional medicine, and that the briefings will be preceded by a presentation by an expert in the field.

26 September 1997

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