Forty-eighth session


New Horizons in Health

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the Regional Director's progress report on the implementation of New horizons in health;*

         Noting the way in which Member States are incorporating the concepts of New horizons in health into national policies and programmes;

         Noting also the progress made in developing regional and national indicators;

  1. URGES Member States:
    (1) to continue to develop policies, programmes and activities in line with the concepts of New horizons in health;
    (2) to allocate resources to programmes and activities that reflect the approaches of New horizons in health, especially when developing the proposed programme budget for 2000-2001;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to further promote the concepts and approaches of New horizons in health with Member States of the Region, especially as part of the renewal of the health-for-all policy;
    (2) to support where possible country initiatives which develop the concepts of New horizons in health;
    (3) to further refine the minimum set of regional indicators, to agree on common data definitions and a common dataset which are in consonance with indicators for health for all and, among others, the World Summit for Children indicators and to continue to work with countries to develop country-specific indicators;
    (4) to support Member States to improve their capacity to collect, analyse and compare data on New horizons in health indicators;
    (5) to present budgetary and financial information to the Regional Committee at its forty-ninth session in such a way as to make clear current funding, and proposed allocation, for the implementation of the concepts contained in New horizons in health by indicating increases and decreases in order to implement these concepts.

* WPR/RC48/3

26 September 1997

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