Forty-seventh session


WHO Western Pacific Environmental Health Centre (EHC

         The Regional Committee,

         Recognizing the extensive contribution that the WHO Western Pacific Environmental Health Centre has made to the development and implementation of environmental health programmes in Member States of the Region;

         Recognizing also the significant role played by the Government of Malaysia in providing the physical location and facilities of the Centre, and contributing both personnel and financial resources to its operation;

         Noting the continuing importance of environmental health as a priority programme in the Western Pacific Region;

         Mindful, however, of the resource constraints faced by the Organization and of the need to enhance the cost-effectiveness of programme delivery;

  1. AGREES to the closure of the Centre in Malaysia and the redeployment of selected resources as part of an overall reorganization of the environmental health programme in the Region;
  2. EXPRESSES its deep appreciation to the Government of Malaysia for hosting the Centre and contributing to its successful operation;
  3. REITERATES its commitment to a strong environmental health programme as a vital feature of the Organization's efforts to renew the health-for-all strategy, and of the Region's New horizons in health initiative;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to ensure the continued viability of a strong environmental health programme in the Region; and
    (2) to maximize the use of technical resources available in the Region, such as the Environmental Health Research Centre to be established in Malaysia, and the WHO collaborating centres in environmental health.

11 September 1996

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