Forty-sixth session


WHO Response to Global Change

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report of the Sub-Committee of the Regional Committee on Programmes and Technical Cooperation on the WHO Response to Global Change, including renewal of the health-for-all strategy;*

         Recalling World Health Assembly resolution WHA48.16 in which, inter alia Member States are urged to take appropriate steps for consultations to raise the awareness of the general public, political leaders, ministries, and other partners concerned with social and economic development policy of the need to place health high on the political agenda, in order to address the serious health challenges of the coming decades and to ensure that the foundation is laid for implementation of the global health policy in countries;

         Recognizing also that Member States and WHO in the Western Pacific Region have, in many cases, already taken steps towards policy and strategy coordination which are directly relevant to the renewal process;

         Noting the need to use available resources judiciously and effectively;

         Noting also the need to make a report on its views to the Executive Board in January 1996;

  1. ENDORSES the report and recommendations of the Sub-Committee on the regional implications and progress of the ongoing reform process within WHO;
  2. AFFIRMS that the New horizons in health initiative and the associated Yanuca Island Declaration are appropriate and noteworthy regional responses to global change and represent relevant regional directions and approaches to the renewal of the health-for-all strategy;
  3. COMMENDS Member States for including all four Executive Board members representing countries in the Western Pacific Region in their delegations to the Regional Committee at its forty-sixth session;
  4. URGES Member States:
    (1) to use the New horizons in health initiative as the framework for their own unique responses to global change, including their consultative steps towards renewing the health-for-all strategy;
    (2) to work within the timetable set out in the consultation document on renewing the health-for-all strategy;**
    (3) to ensure continued, informed participation in all the forums dealing with WHO's response to global change;
    (4) to continue to include Executive Board members in their delegations to the Regional Committee;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to continue implementing the applicable recommendations of the Executive Board Working Group Report in the context of the New horizons in health initiative, bearing in mind the direction given by the Regional Committee;
    (2) to cooperate actively with other external support agencies, particularly those within the United Nations system, to avoid duplication of activities and to maximize the efficient and effective use of resources;
    (3) to make available where possible the technical resources necessary to facilitate or support the consultation process required for the renewal of the health-for-all strategy;
    (4) to cooperate with he Director-General and other regional directors to ensure the implementation of a management information system which meets the needs of efficient and effective management of the Organization globally as well as the Regional Office;
    (5) to transmit to the Executive Board, through the Director-General, a report which includes the Sub-Committee report and the summary record of the discussions of the Regional Committee at its forty-sixth session;
    (6) to report annually to the Regional Committee on progress on global change.

* WPR/RC46/11

** WHO/PAC/95.1

15 September 1995

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