Forty-sixth session


Regional Allocations

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered Part I of document WPR/RC46/6 containing an excerpt of the Director-General's report on regional allocations in relation to the distribution of regular budget funds to the different levels of the Organization;*

         Taking note of resolution WHA48.26 whereby the Executive Board and the Director-General were requested to take steps to transfer allocations to priority health programmes at country level;

         Recalling the discussions at the ninety-sixth session of the Executive Board with regard to the need for a review of regional allocations;

         Recalling also the regional emphasis on addressing regional health needs, including new, emerging and re-emerging diseases;

         Taking into account a number of significant factors in respect of budgetary requirements in the Western Pacific Region such as:

(a) the size of the population served compared to other regions;
(b) the health needs of that population;
(c) the level of per capita funding compared to other regions;
(d) the increasing number of Member States in the Region; and
(e) the ability of the Region and its Member States to fully absorb its present budget;

         REQUESTS the Regional Director to convey to the Executive Board through the Director-General:

(1) the summary records of the discussion on this item;
(2) the Regional Committee's request for a review of the logic and criteria used to determine the regional allocations;
(3) the Regional Committee's belief that an objective review of the criteria for division of the WHO regular budget would show that a proportionate increase for the Western Pacific Region is justified;
(4) the Regional Committee's support for the practical application of resolution WHA48.26, and the transfer of allocations to priority programmes at country level in this Region, with this need being reviewed every biennium.

* WPR/RC46/6

14 September 1995

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