Forty-sixth session


Changes in the 1996-1997 Programme Budget

         The Regional Committee,

         Having examined the report of the Regional Director on changes in the 1996-1997 programme budget and in future programme budgeting;*

         Noting the implications of World Health Assembly resolution WHA48.25 Consolidating budgetary reform, and resolution WHA48.32 Appropriation resolution for the financial period 1996-1997;

         Noting also the relevance of New horizons in health to programme development and implementation;

         Endorsing the measures taken by the Regional Director to address the impact of the above resolutions on the programme budget for 1996-1997;

         Noting the need for development of plans of action;

         REQUESTS the Regional Director:

(1) to implement the 1996-1997 programme of collaboration, maximizing both the effectiveness of priority programmes and gains in efficiency;
(2) to provide support to countries and areas in the preparation of the plans of action;
(3) to ensure prioritization of the health needs of the Region as set out in New horizons in health;
(4) to reflect these health needs closely in the allocation and implementation of all available resources as well as in the monitoring of the impact of such allocations on gains in health status;
(5) to forward to the Executive Board at its ninety-seventh session, through the Director-General, the request of the Regional Committee that, in the spirit of WHA48.32, casual income up to the amount of US$ 10 million be devolved to the regions in both 1996 and 1997 for priority country programmes;
(6) to prepare future regional programme budgets for presentation to the Regional Committee at the level of specific detailed programmes, including relevant extrabudgetary information.

* WPR/RC46/5

14 September 1995

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