Forty-fifth session


WHO Response to Global Change

         The Regional Committee,

         Recognizing the ongoing need for reform of the organization and operations of WHO in response to dynamic global conditions and to ensure WHO's continued leadership in health;

         Noting the continuing need for greater accountability and efficiency in the operation and management of WHO's limited resources, as well as the need to define more clearly the impact on health of the resources used;

         Having considered the report of the Sub-Committee of the Regional Committee on Programmes and Technical Cooperation on the WHO Response to Global Change;*

         Noting the need to make a report on its views to the Executive Board in January 1995;

  1. ENDORSES the report and recommendations of the Sub-Committee on the regional implications of the Report of the Executive Board Working Group on the WHO Response to Global Change;
  2. REAFFIRMS the essential role of a strong regional office in working effectively with Member States to fulfill the mandate of the Organization and to improve the health status of people;
  3. RECOGNIZES the complexity of the change process and the overriding need for effective leadership performance;
  4. COMMITS itself to continuing to review its own methods of work in the light of changing circumstances and health needs in the Region;
  5. REQUESTS the Sub-Committee of the Regional Committee on Programmes and Technical Cooperation, in consonance with the recommendations that the current procedures for selecting the Director-General and regional directors are presently appropriate to carry out the Organization's mission; and that in view of rapidly changing health needs throughout the world, the dialogue among Member States regarding this issue should continue:
    (1) to monitor and assess the regional implications and progress of the ongoing reform process within WHO;
    (2) to study, in particular, the alternative procedures for selecting the Director-General and regional directors, including the use of a search committee; and
    (3) to report its findings to the Regional Committee at its forty-sixth session;
  6. URGES Member States:
    (1) to include, in their respective delegations to the Regional Committee, members of the Executive Board, to strengthen linkages between the governing bodies;
    (2) to ensure that all participants or representatives to all forums dealing with WHO's Response to Global Change are well-briefed and ready to present the views or position of the Region;
  7. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to continue implementing the applicable recommendations of the Executive Board Working Group Report, bearing in mind the discussions by the Regional Committee;
    (2) to ensure that available regional and subregional forums are fully utilized to develop consensus for change and to enhance coordination of programme efforts;
    (3) to transmit to the Executive Board, through the Director-General, a report which includes the Sub-Committee Report and the summary record of its discussions at the forty-fifth session of the Regional Committee.

* WPR/RC45/11

23 September 1994

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