Forty-fifth session


Collaboration with Nongovernmental Organizations: Report of the Sub-Committee of the Regional Committee on Programmes and Technical Cooperation, Part II

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered Part III of the report of the Sub-Committee on Programmes and Technical Cooperation on relations with nongovernmental organizations;*

         Recalling resolution WPR/RC40.R11 on collaboration with nongovernmental organizations;

         Recognizing the important role played by nongovernmental organizations in national health development in the Region;

         Noting that collaborative activities have been expanded with 94 regional and national nongovernmental organizations according to the guiding principles adopted by the Regional Committee at its fortieth session in 1989;

         REQUESTS the Regional Director:

(1) to continue to foster harmonious working relations with selected nongovernmental organizations;
(2) to develop regional and national databases on nongovernmental organizations with a view to facilitating information exchange and collaboration;
(3) to review working relations with nongovernmental organizations and report to the Regional Committee in 1999.

* WPR/RC45/10

22 September 1994

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