Forty-fifth session


Global Programme on AIDS: Membership of the Management Committee

         The Regional Committee,

         Noting that the term of Fiji as a member of the Global Programme on AIDS Management Committee expires on 31 December 1994;*

         Noting also that the Joint and Cosponsored United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS is scheduled to start in January 1996;

         Recognizing the adoption, by the Management Committee, of the recommendation to the Director-General to extend the mandates of the Chairperson and the memberships of the four regional members whose mandate would normally terminate at the end of 1994; and that consequently no new members would need to be selected by the Regional Committee;**

         Considering the proposal to extend the term of Fiji for another year;

         DECIDES that the term of membership of Fiji is to be extended up to 31 December 1995.

22 September 1994

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