Forty-fifth session


New Horizons in Health

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the document New horizons in health as part of the overall reform in WHO in the context of global change;*

         Applauding the initiative that emphasizes individual responsibility in the context of supportive health and socioeconomic environments that facilitate healthy choices;

         Recognizing the need for a multisectoral and multidisciplinary approach to health reform and to the emerging health issues of the Region;

  1. ENDORSES the document New horizons in health;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to work closely with Member States to develop the strategies and budgets for implementation of the approaches outlined in the document;
    (2) to report to the forty-sixth session of the Regional Committee on the progress of implementation of this resolution;
    (3) to transmit this document to the Director-General as part of the contribution of the Western Pacific Region to the updating of WHO's policy and mission being undertaken by WHO headquarters.

* WPR/RC45/20

22 September 1994

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