Forty-fourth session


Fiji School of Medicine

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the progress report on the implementation of the development programme for the Fiji School of Medicine;*

         Recalling the Declaration of Tokyo in April 1985, and the Declaration of Edinburgh in 1988, calling for new strategies for training medical personnel and for meeting the needs of the changing medical profession;

         Noting that the strategies adopted for the revitalization of the Fiji School of Medicine are consistent with the reorientation of health services towards primary health care, and that the aim of the School's curriculum is to train health personnel with skills that are appropriate for the island countries and areas of the Pacific;

         Noting further that the School has completely reversed the pattern of student and graduate attrition due to academic failures, and has enhanced clinical competencies;

         Anticipating a resurgence in the number and variety of health professionals graduating from the Fiji School of Medicine in the coming years;

         Realizing that the development of the School is an ongoing process and that much remains to be accomplished;

  1. REGISTERS its appreciation of:
    (1) the cooperation extended by the Fiji Government to the revitalization proposal;
    (2) the participation of the Pacific countries in the curricular reform activities of the School;
    (3) the participation of donor countries and agencies in the redevelopment efforts;
  2. URGES Member States:
    (1) to make provisions for the status of the primary care practitioner (PCP) graduates during their one-year field internship in the health services of their home countries;
    (2) to facilitate the integration of each year's PCP graduates into the communities selected as internship centres;
    (3) to review the status of the individuals undergoing internships, keeping in mind that they can either continue as students, supported by scholarships or undergo in-service training as staff members of the health service;
  3. REQUESTS agencies, institutions and governments within and outside the Pacific Basin to sustain support for the innovative approaches of the Fiji School of Medicine as well as for academic reform of the same nature elsewhere in the Pacific;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to reinforce WHO's efforts to mobilize and coordinate technical and material support, with emphasis on the needs that have emerged as a result of the developments of the last three years.

* WPR/RC44/12

16 September 1993

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