Forty-fourth session


Public Health Training in the Western Pacific Region

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the preliminary report on the assessment of postgraduate training resources in public health in the Region;*

         Recalling the discussions held during the various intercountry workshops and conferences between 1989 and 1993;

Noting the continuing need for an effective structure to coordinate regional training activities in public health;

         Noting further that public health problems of the Region need to be purposefully tackled while addressing country-specific issues;

         Recognizing the major role WHO has played and continues to play in this field;

  1. URGES Member States:
    (1) to relate public health training curricula in their respective countries more closely to health workforce planning needs;
    (2) to encourage public health training institutions within their respective jurisdictions to develop collaborative arrangements with other national and regional institutions so as to enhance training capacities in the Region as a whole;
    (3) to provide comprehensive information on public health training institutions for inclusion in the World Directory of Schools of Public Health;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to support further strengthening of regional institutions for training in public health;
    (2) to enhance the role of the Regional Office as the coordinating centre for the exchange of information on public health training, and research institutions in the Region;
    (3) to support the development of collaborative arrangements among regional public health training institutions in order to maximize regional resources in this area;
    (4) to collect and disseminate all available information on practical training opportunities relating to public health available in the Region.

* WPR/RC44/11

16 September 1993

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