Forty-first session


Fiji School of Medicine

         The Regional Committee,

         Noting with concern the continuing shortage of health professionals with appropriate skills and values to meet the health needs of Pacific island countries and areas;

         Recalling that at its thirty-ninth session, it passed resolution WPR/RC39.R9, requesting the Regional Director to explore technical and managerial mechanisms for coordinating national and international programmes in order to meet the special needs for human resources for health in the small island nations of the Pacific;

         Observing that programmes for training and educating health professionals specifically for service in the Pacific islands can only be developed effectively in the islands themselves;

         Having reviewed the existing capabilities and infrastructure for developing such programmes within the Pacific basin;

         Concluding that they cannot be developed adequately by each country or area acting individually;

  1. ENDORSES the concept of a network of existing health training and education institutions in the Pacific;
  2. RECOGNIZES the important role, called for by both present need and historical precedent, that the Fiji School of Medicine should play within a Pacific network of institutions;
  3. URGES agencies, institutions and governments concerned within and outside the Pacific basin to support the full development of the Fiji School of Medicine as a focal point for the training and education of health professionals with the specific qualifications, skills and attitudes which are appropriate for Pacific island countries and areas;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director to reinforce WHO's efforts to mobilize and coordinate technical and material support on behalf of the Fiji School of Medicine and other institutions in the Pacific;
  5. Further REQUESTS the Regional Director to review, within three years of the adoption of this resolution, the progress of its implementation and to present his findings to the Committee.

12 September 1990

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