Fortieth session


Planning and Managing Finances for Health

         The Regional Committee,

         Having reviewed the report submitted by the Regional Director;*

         Noting with satisfaction WHO's initiative in developing awareness of the importance and relevance of economic and financial planning in formulating health policies;

         Appreciating the efforts made by some Member States to analyse and modify the financial workings of their health systems in order to make more equitable and efficient use of health resources;

         Recognizing the gradual increase in the number of health personnel being trained in economics and financial management;

         Mindful of magnitude of the task still to be undertake

  1. URGES Member States:
    (1) to review their health policies for achieving health for all, in order to ensure that financial resources are being obtained and used in the most appropriate manner;
    (2) to share information on what has already been learn by Member States about such issues as the implementation of health and social insurance schemes, the appropriate and cost-effective use of technology, the formulation of appropriate drug policies, the establishment of new management structures, and the extent to which individuals and communities are willing and able to pay for certain types of health care;
    (3) to strengthen their capabilities in the analysis, formulation and implementation of health policy in relation to financial issues by training managers, making comparative cost studies and promoting intersectoral cooperation;
    (4) to encourage ministers of health and other health leaders to participate more actively in the development of national economic and budgetary policy;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to cooperate with Member States devising financial measures that ensure the most equitable and efficient use of financial resources, especially with regard to those without health insurance or other forms of social security;
    (2) to provide technical support for improving the use of human resources, the availability of appropriate technology, and the supply of essential drugs;
    (3) to support the training of health personnel in economics and financial management with emphasis on analytical skills to evaluate the impact of health policy;
    (4) to facilitate the exchange of information among Member States on their experience in applying new financial measures through meetings, personnel exchanges and the circulation of written material.

* WPR/RC40/12

25 September 1989

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