Fortieth session


The Regional Fellowship Programme

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the progress report on the regional fellowship programme;*

         Aware that fellowships remain an important component in developing human resources for health and that generally all those concerned have been satisfied with the programme and strongly support its continuation;

         Noting that the fellowship management process needs to be improved at all levels to ensure its relevance, efficiency, impact and cost-effectiveness;

         Noting further the need to revise procedures and forms in order to improve the planning, implementation, utilization and evaluation of the fellowships;

  1. URGES Member States:
    (1) to evaluate their health work-force plans with special reference to fellowship policies so that training needs are accurately assessed and the knowledge and skills acquired during the fellowship are fully utilized;
    (2) to develop and strengthen their organizational structures and information systems to facilitate efficient fellowship management with emphasis on early communication during the placement process;
    (3) to ensure that candidates are adequately prepared with appropriate language skills and cultural orientation;
    (4) to provide training and guidance, as needed, for all those involved in selecting candidates and planning and evaluating fellowships;
    (5) to take measures, such as bonding or other arrangements, to ensure that fellows return, and to recover costs in the event that they do not return, so that funds remain available for future candidates;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to cooperate with Member States in strengthening their technical and managerial capabilities for dealing with national fellowship programmes;
    (2) to revise WHO's fellowship management process with a view to increasing its relevance, efficiency and impact;
    (3) to develop and test, in cooperation with Member States, Headquarters and other regional offices, a system of evaluation to provide reliable and timely information on all practical aspects of the programme;
    (4) to establish or improve communication systems linking the sending and receiving institutions, WHO and the fellow.

* WPR/RC40/9

22 September 1989

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