Thirty-ninth session

WPR/RC39.R12 Rev.1

Adolescent Health

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered the report on adolescent health;*

         Recalling various World Health Assembly resolutions of relevance to youth, in particular, resolutions WHA31.57, WHA38.22 and WHA39.14, on health issues of direct concern to adolescent health;

         Recognizing that factors affecting health and well-being during the period of adolescence are crucial in the development of the adult;

         Noting the great increase in the absolute and relative sizes of adolescent populations, especially in developing countries;

         Noting with concern that the problems faced by adolescents are increasing, in particular, biological issues, sex-related problems, emotional problems and those caused by risk-taking behaviour;

         Drawing the attention of Member States to the urgent need for adequate data on the various health issues of adolescence on which to base the formulation of policies and programmes for the care of adolescents;

  1. URGES Member States:
    (1) to take the appropriate measures to obtain basic data on adolescents with regard to sexually transmitted diseases, other health problems, the occurrence of pregnancy and psychosocial and behavioural patterns;
    (2) to designate a focal point in the ministry of health to coordinate health activities for adolescents;
    (3) to design a broad policy and programme direction within the health sector and to initiate health care activities, including health education, counselling services and appropriate treatment and rehabilitation services for adolescents, involving the adolescents themselves wherever feasible;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to provide support to Member States in their efforts to establish a data base on various issues of the health of adolescents;
    (2) to stimulate the establishment of national adolescent health care services;
    (3) to encourage the organization of in-service training activities on adolescent health for different categories of health worker;
    (4) to facilitate the development of training manuals and guidelines to be used especially at the periphery of the health care system.

* WPR/RC39/12

16 September 1988

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