Thirty-ninth session



         The Regional Committee,

         Recalling resolution WPR/RC38.R5 in which, inter alia, it resolved that a regional programme for the prevention and control of AIDS should be developed urgently, and urged Member States to give high priority to establishing national policies and programmes on AIDS integrated, where appropriate, with the prevention and control of other viral diseases prevalent in the Region;

         Having considered the annual report on AIDS;*

         Deeply concerned that the number of cases of AIDS and of HIV infection reported in the Western Pacific Region continues to increase;

  1. NOTES with satisfaction the establishment of a regional programme in the context of the WHO Global Programme on AIDS and the initiation of activities for its implementation, in particular the collaboration with a number of Member States in assessing the situation with regard to HIV infection and AIDS and drawing up short- or medium-term prevention and control plans;
  2. STRESSES that the time to develop and implement national AIDS prevention and control programmes is now, while the prevalence of HIV infection is low;
  3. ACKNOWLEDGES that the success of both the regional programme and national prevention and control programmes depends on the sustained interest of national policy- and decision-makers and on their collaboration and support;
  4. URGES the Member States that have formulated short - or medium-term prevention and control plans to give urgent priority to their implementation;
  5. URGES the Member States that have not yet formulated such plans to consider doing so urgently, seeking the cooperation of WHO as necessary;
  6. URGES Member States further:
    (1) to continue to develop their national HIV surveillance capabilities, making full use of their own technical resources and the support available through WHO;
    (2) to ensure the safety of blood and blood products for transfusion by: (a) appropriate screening of blood donors; (b) providing for the adequate testing of blood and blood products for transfusion; and (c) making certain of their rational use;
    (3) to continue to share epidemiological information with each other and with WHO, while ensuring the confidentiality of data on HIV -infected individuals;
    (4) to strengthen (a) their health education and counselling programmes in relation to HIV infection and AIDS and (b) their information and support programmes with a view to fostering a spirit of understanding and compassion for HIV- infected people and people with AIDS;
    (5) to monitor their national prevention and control programmes continuously and evaluate them regularly, with a view to adjusting priorities and introducing modifications as necessary;
  7. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to continue to cooperate with Member States in formulating and implementing national programmes for the prevention and control of AIDS;
    (2) to coordinate the collection, exchange and dissemination of information on HIV infection and AIDS;
    (3) to collaborate in increasing national capabilities for integrating AIDS prevention and control activities with those of related programmes;
    (4) to continue to support training activities in all aspects of the prevention and control of AIDS;
    (5) to continue to build up the regional network of institutions for research, training and the laboratory diagnosis of HIV infection and AIDS;
    (6) to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of national prevention and control programmes.

* WPR/RC39/3

13 September 1988

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