Thirty-eighth session


Thirty-ninth and Fortieth Sessions of the Regional Committee

         The Regional Committee,

         Recalling resolution WPR/RC24.R10,

  1. CONFIRMS its decision to hold the thirty-ninth session of the Regional Committee at regional headquarters in Manila;
  2. DECIDES that the dates of the thirty-ninth session shall be from 12 to 16 September 1988;
  3. NOTES that no invitation has been received for the fortieth session;
  4. AUTHORIZES the Regional Director to accept, on behalf of the Regional Committee, any such invitation which may be extended and to inform all Member States of the Region before the thirty-ninth session of the Regional Committee, the dates and place to be confirmed at that session;
  5. DECIDES that, if no invitation is received, the fortieth session of the Regional Committee shall be held at regional headquarters in Manila.

14 September 1987

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