Thirty-eighth session


Management of WHO's Resources

         The Regional Committee,

         Noting resolution WHA40.15 requesting the regional committees to review the Director-General's Introduction to the proposed programme budget estimates for the financial period 1988-1989 and the comments of the Executive Board and the Health Assembly thereon;*

         Having reviewed the report by the Regional Director on the management of WHO's resources;**

         Stressing the crucial importance of the proper management of WHO's limited resources for the attainment of the global health for all by the year 2000;

         Reiterating the need to ensure implementation in the Region of resolution WHA33.17 on the study of WHO's structures in the light of its functions and resolution WHA34.24 on the meaning of WHO's international health work through coordination and technical cooperation;

         Recalling resolution WPR/RC37.R2 in which the Regional Committee accepted the regional programme budget policy as a guideline for ensuring the optimal management of WHO's resources;

  1. REAFFIRMS its adherence to the values regarding health and development and the related health-for-all policy and strategy agreed by all Member States;
  2. ACKNOWLEDGES the need to develop strong leadership in health and related sectors in order to implement the policy and strategy;
  3. DECIDES the strengthen further its monitoring, control and evaluation functions with a view to ensuring that collectively agreed policies are properly reflected in the regional and intercountry and country programmes;
  4. URGES Member States:
    (1) to institutionalize mechanisms for an effective and meaningful dialogue between their governments and WHO with a view to ensuring that the policies on which they have collectively agreed are fully taken into account and implemented at country level and that programmes adequately address national priorities for achieving health for all;
    (2) to further strengthen their monitoring and evaluation mechanisms as an integral part of their health managerial process, with a view to identifying problems and to undertaking appropriate corrective measures;
    (3) to strengthen their efforts in applying the regional programme budget policy as the basis for planning, programming, monitoring and evaluating the use of WHO's resources at country level;
    (4) to keep the persons they designate to serve on the Executive Board and their delegations to the World Health Assembly informed of the deliberations and the viewpoints of the Regional Committee;
  5. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to provide full support to countries in ensuring that WHO's limited resources are used for strengthening their managerial capacities to achieve their global of health for all by the year 2000, in accordance with the regional programme budget policy, taking into account individual country priorities and needs;
    (2) to facilitate the exchange of information and the sharing of experience among contiguous countries, regardless of WHO regional affiliation;
    (3) to transmit to the Director-General a record of the Regional Committee's deliberations on the management of WHO's resources, including both the approbation and the concern expressed, for onward transmission to the Executive Board;
    (4) to inform the Executive Board, in his report on significant regional developments including regional committee matters, of the Regional Committee's deliberations.

* See documents EB79/1987/REC/2, pp.14-30 and 100, and WHA40/1987/REC/3, pp.12-24

** WPR/RC38/4 and Add.1

14 September 1987

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