Thirty-eighth session


Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered that part of the report of the Regional Director for the period July 1985 to June 1987 dealing with AIDS;

         Conscious of the report of the Director-General on the WHO Special Programme on AIDS; *

         Recalling resolutions WHA40.26 and WPR/RC36.R2;

         Seriously concerned that AIDS may become more prevalent in the Western Pacific Region;

         Affirming that the spread of AIDS is a problem that knows no national or geographical boundaries and that each Member State should be concerned with protecting the health of the people of other Member States, as well as its own;

         Recognizing, especially in the present absence of a cure, the critical importance of surveillance, reporting, information transfer and the education of health professionals and the general public on the prevention of AIDS;

         Acknowledging the need for sufficient flexibility within regional programmes so that they are responsive to local conditions and needs consistent with the priorities and objectives of the WHO global strategy;

  1. NOTES that, at the WHO/Australian Interregional Ministerial Meeting on AIDS, held in Sydney from 21 to 24 July 1987, government representatives issued a statement which, inter alia, called on WHO to support and strengthen national programmes and to facilitate and coordinate bilateral, multilateral and international assistance for their implementation;
  2. RESOLVES that a regional programme for the prevention and control of AIDS should be developed urgently, in conformity with the global strategy, integrated with the activities of the health system based on primary health care and, as appropriate, with activities for the control of other viral diseases prevalent in the Western Pacific Region;
  3. URGES Member States:
    (1) to give high priority to establishing or strengthening comprehensive immediate and long-term national policies and programmes on AIDS within the framework of the WHO global strategy, and integrated, where appropriate, with programmes concerned with the prevention and control of other viral diseases prevalent in the Region, providing for such measures as:
    (a) adequate screening of blood and blood products intended for transfusion;
    (b) strengthening of surveillance and reporting;
    (c) strengthening of health education and counselling services;
    (d) provision of information and advice to the community;
    (2) to share openly with each other and with WHO all relevant and reliable information on AIDS, and to develop closer cooperation in areas of mutual concern;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to cooperate with Member States in their efforts for the prevention and control of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, with emphasis on:
    (a) the development of integrated national strategies and plans of action;
    (b) coordination of data collection and exchange;
    (c) the further strengthening of laboratory diagnostic capability as an important part of surveillance;
    (d) the further development of health education materials;
    (2) to promote the strengthening of training activities in laboratory diagnosis, health education and epidemiology;
    (3) to encourage and support research on the behavioural, epidemiological, clinical and preventive aspects of AIDS, and on simple, low-cost, sensitive and specific laboratory diagnostic methods;
    (4) to take the necessary measures to expand the network of WHO collaborating centres for training and for the laboratory confirmation of HIV infection;
    (5) to provide appropriate support, subject to the availability of resources, in supplementing the contributions of Member States and other organizations to the prevention and control of AIDS;
    (6) to ensure that information on the policies and recommendations agreed to at meetings sponsored by WHO and other organizations is disseminated to Member States as soon as it becomes available;
    (7) to facilitate the periodic evaluation of the regional programme for the prevention and control of AIDS;
    (8) to report annually to the Regional Committee in the form he considers most appropriate.

* WHA40/1987/REC/1, Annex 8

11 September 1987

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