Thirty-eighth session


Regional Priorities under the Eighth General Programme of Work (Regional contribution)

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered Part II of the report of the Sub-Committee on Programmes and Technical Cooperation on its work in relation to the regional contribution to the Eighth General Programme of Work covering the period 1990-1995;*

         Taking into account the importance of the Regional Committee agreeing to programme priorities at both the country and the regional and intercountry levels;

         Considering the responsibility assigned to the regional committees by the Executive Board in resolution EB79.R9 regarding decisions on budgetary allocations;

  1. ASSIGNS to each programme under the Eighth General Programme of Work for the Western Pacific Region an order of priority as set out in Annex I of document WPR/RC38/6;
  2. DECIDES that the Sub-Committee should continue to work in reviewing programme priorities, in order to assist the Regional Committee in 1988 in carrying out the responsibilities assigned to it by the Executive Board in resolution EB79.R9;
  3. URGES Member States to use the assigned priorities when formulating their programmes of cooperation with WHO;
  4. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to take the programme priorities into consideration when implementing the Eighth General Programme of Work in the Western Pacific Region, due regard being given to the specific needs of individual countries;
    (2) to keep the programme priorities under review and to make proposals to the Regional Committee that will assist Member States in reaching conclusions on these priorities.

* WPR/RC38/6

11 September 1987

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