Thirty-eighth session

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WPR/RC38.R1 Report of the Regional Director
WPR/RC38.R2 Nursing
WPR/RC38.R3 Report of the Sub-Committee of the Regional Committee on Programmes and Technical Cooperation: Tuberculosis and Malaria Control
WPR/RC38.R4 Regional Priorities under the Eighth General Programme of Work (Regional contribution)
WPR/RC38.R5 Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
WPR/RC38.R6 Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction: Membership of the Policy and Coordination Advisory Committee
WPR/RC38.R7 Technology Transfer
WPR/RC38.R8 Membership of the Committee on Nominations and the General Committee of the World Health Assembly
WPR/RC38.R9 Development of Health Research
WPR/RC38.R10 Drug Supply Management in the South Pacific
WPR/RC38.R11 Communication and Health
WPR/RC38.R12 International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade
WPR/RC38.R13 Programme Budget for 1988-1989: Contingency Plan for Reductions
WPR/RC38.R14 Management of WHO's Resources
WPR/RC38.R15 Membership of the Sub-Committee on Programmes and Technical Cooperation
WPR/RC38.R16 Traditional Medicine
WPR/RC38.R17 WHO's Public Image
WPR/RC38.R18 Technical Discussions
WPR/RC38.R19 Thirty-ninth and Fortieth Sessions of the Regional Committee
WPR/RC38.R20 Resolution of Appreciation

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