Thirty-sixth session


Health of the Elderly

         The Regional Committee,

         Recalling resolution WHA32.25;

         Mindful of the International Plan of Action on Aging, adopted by the World Assembly on Aging, held in Vienna in 1982;

         Noting that by the year 2000 the aged population will increase substantially, both in the developed and developing nations of the Western Pacific Region;

         Recognizing the need to address a number of critical problems hindering the promotion of the health and the economic and social well-being of the aged;

         Noting that in some countries the aged utilize, like the very young, a disproportionately large segment of the health budget and that prevention of disability and dependency, health promotion, self-sufficiency measures, family and peer group support are important to ensure better utilization of resources;

         Considering that the four country studies undertaken in the Western Pacific Region indicate a series of common health problems which need to be overcome so that the elderly can become an active and independent force in the community;

  1. REQUESTS Member States:
    (1) to give increased attention to the problems of the elderly in their national health policies and programmes by formulating strategies and approaches;
    (2) to initiate studies through intercountry cooperation, where feasible, in order to develop an adequate information base;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to intensify WHO cooperation in the development of national policies and strategies on health of the elderly;
    (2) to cooperate with Member States in the promotion of information exchange on care of the elderly.

20 September 1985

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