Thirty-sixth session


International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade

         The Regional Committee,

         Recalling resolutions WHA36.13 and WPR/RC34.R4 on the International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade;

         Re-emphasizing the importance of safe drinking-water and adequate sanitation, which are key elements in primary health care;

         Noting the status of progress in implementing Decade activities during the first half of the Decade;*

  1. CALLS UPON those Member States that have not yet done so to establish action committees for the International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade with a view to promoting actively and continuously the achievement of Decade programme targets;
  2. URGES Member States:
    (1) to intensify their efforts to mobilize communities in order to develop, operate and maintain water and sanitation facilities;
    (2) to promote and intensify community education activities;
    (3) to ensure wider participation by communities in water and sanitation programmes in order to permit greater coverage with existing financial resources;
  3. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to continue to mobilize extrabudgetary resources in support of Decade programmes;
    (2) to carry out practical studies on appropriate technology with a view to improving the provision and quality of water supplies and to disseminate the results of such studies;
    (3) to continue to promote and cooperate in the development of human resources, particularly at the community level, with a view to making the maximum possible use of existing manpower through improved planning and management.

* WPR/RC36/13

20 September 1985

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