Thirty-sixth session


Strategies for Health for All by the Year 2000

         The Regional Committee,

         Having considered Part II of the report of the Sub-Committee on the General Programme of Work;*

         Noting the views expressed by the Sub-Committee and by the representatives during the current session;

         Recognizing the efforts deployed by Member States to implement their strategies for health for all, but mindful of the magnitude of the tasks still to be undertaken;

  1. URGES Member States:
    (1) to strengthen their efforts to implement national policies and strategies for health for all by the year 2000, with particular emphasis on defining targets for the implementation of changes that are required in the primary health care-oriented health system;
    (2) to review the constraints which they have reported in connection which the implementation. Monitoring, and evaluation of their health strategies and to adopt the necessary measures to overcome them;
    (3) to strengthen their monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, including the reorientation of national health information systems in support of such mechanisms;
    (4) to make monitoring and evaluation a continuous process as an integral part of their health managerial process;
  2. REQUESTS the Regional Director:
    (1) to support Member States in overcoming the major constraints hampering the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of their health strategies;
    (2) to transmit the evaluation report to the Director-General together with the comments of representatives;
    (3) to submit for inclusion in the Seventh Report on the World Health Situation the regional evaluation report;
  3. ACCEPTS the amendment to the plan of action for implementing the Global Strategy for health for all, changing the two-year cycle of monitoring and evaluation to a three-year cycle.

* WPR/RC36/6

18 September 1985

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