Thirty-fourth session


The Chemotherapy of Leprosy

The Regional Committee,

         Recognizing that the increase in dapsone resistance is a serious problem in the Region and that the implementation of the multidrug regimens recommended by the WHO Study Group on Chemotherapy of Leprosy for Control Programmes is an appropriate method of preventing dapsone resistance and alleviating the leprosy problem;*

1.         URGES Member States where leprosy is a public health problem:

(1)          to take the necessary action, within the framework of primary health care, to implement the new drug regimens, using a systematic approach based on a carefully prepared operational plan;

(2)          to secure all the necessary resources such as manpower, drugs, transport and laboratory facilities;

2.         REQUESTS the Regional Director:

(1)          to cooperate in leprosy control and treatment programmes and in the training of health workers; and

(2)          to mobilize financial support from extrabudgetary sources.


09 September 1983

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